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No Ghosts Allowed

Welcome GBI Employee-

Welcome to the website of T.O.B.I.N. or the Tactical On Board Investigational Network. Here you will find various information on common and uncommon entities you may encounter on a day-to-day basis.

T.O.B.I.N. derives its name from the reference book Tobin's Spirit Guide (a must read for all GBI employee's). It is our hope that in time T.O.B.I.N. will become as much a reference in your work as the classic text it is homage to.


Thank you and safe busting,

Dr. William Ketchum, T.O.B.I.N. chief of operations,

Dr. Egon Spengler, T.O.B.I.N. co-director.

News: Sorry for the lack of updates. We have been busy updateing the catalog that we use as the database for the system.
T.O.B.I.N. News: We have a new Co-Director. We welcome Dr. Egon Spengler to the T.O.B.I.N. staff. "Working with Dr. Spengler is the greatest honor of my career. He was helping me with backround information and I just asked him if he would think about taking up a staff postion and  said yes right away" Dr. Ketchum.

Dr. Spengler
Dr. Spengler hard at work updating T.O.B.I.N.s files